The first commandment, “You shall have no other gods before Me” (Ex. 20:3), or, which is the same thing, “You shall worship the Lord your God and serve Him only” (Matt. 4:10) is the foundation of all those that follow. If we don’t want to keep this one, we will certainly not want to keep the rest.

We consider three things in relation to this first and great Commandment: 

  • That we must believe that God is, 
  • That we must devote our lives to Him, and 
  • How this is to work itself out in our lives.

Put simply, we see that we must love God more than anyone or anything else and worship Him alone.


Shaun Bryant

Shaun has been Pastor at Grace Church in Modesto since late 1993. His journey to the fellowship took him through churches of various persuasions, during which time he became convinced of a call to the ministry and also of a Reformed view of the Scriptures. Shaun completed his studies for the ministry at Westminster Seminary in California. He is married with 3 children.

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