Jesus says that God is seeking worshipers who will worship Him in spirit and truth. We have been seeing in previous weeks of this series what it means to worship in truth - that we must do those things in worship that are sanctioned in the Bible and we are not free to embellish these with our own ideas.

We note here that we must also worship in spirit. We see what this means, and note the dangers of worship that is not correctly balanced in regard to spirit and truth.

We look at what the Bible says about hearts that can worship God - and at examples of those who worshipped as God had commanded but without the right heart.

We see that there are only two types of hearts in the world - hearts that cannot worship God and those that can. The Bible teaches that we are all born with hearts that cannot worship acceptably but we see that God, through the work of Christ, can give us a new heart that can worship Him as He requires.

We are all challenged to see if we have this new heart. If we do not, we are urged to turn from our sins and to believe in Christ and His work upon the cross, so that we may be renewed and may be able truly to worship Him.


Greg Hodson

Greg came to Grace Church, Modesto from the UK in 1997. For many of the intervening years, he has functioned as a teaching elder in the fellowship. He is frequently involved in the teaching ministry and also leads the Internet Ministries and the Youth Ministry. Before coming to Grace Church, he was a teaching elder in a small village chapel in the UK for four years. He is married with 3 children and 3 grandchildren.

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