We consider Jesus’ prayer in the garden of Gethsemane, realizing that it reveals something of the importance of His work: Jesus pleaded that if it was His Father’s will, that the cup would pass from him. The fact that the Father didn’t allow it to pass tells us that He couldn’t allow it to pass. If God was to save His people, it had to be through Jesus Christ; otherwise, He never would have put His Son through that suffering.

We see two things: 

  • First, that Jesus had to die to save you, and 
  • Second, why it had to be Jesus.

Jesus died so that sinful man might be saved from God’s wrath and Hell. If you want to be safe, you need to come to Jesus. You need His sacrifice; you need His perfect obedience. He is the only One who can stand between you and God and save you. Turn from your sins and trust Him now.


Shaun Bryant

Shaun has been Pastor at Grace Church in Modesto since late 1993. His journey to the fellowship took him through churches of various persuasions, during which time he became convinced of a call to the ministry and also of a Reformed view of the Scriptures. Shaun completed his studies for the ministry at Westminster Seminary in California. He is married with 3 children.

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