Paul continues his caution against trying to add our works onto Christ’s for our salvation, this time using an allegory from the Old Testament concerning Abraham, Sarah, and Hagar. First, we consider this use of allegory. We see that the Old Testament does indeed contain types and shadows but we hear some notes of caution against trying to make every Old Testament passage in some way typological or allegorical. We then turn our attention to the condition of the Jews and the Judaizers, as Paul likens them to the children of Hagar the bondwoman in the Old Testament. We see:

  • They are operating according to a principle of the flesh, not the Spirit
  • They are in slavery to their system of works-based salvation
  • They persecute the true believers, who are children of the promise
  • They have no inheritance in the Kingdom of Heaven

We are urged to make sure we are not children of the bondwoman ourselves, or in danger of being led astray by their teaching.


Shaun Bryant

Shaun has been Pastor at Grace Church in Modesto since late 1993. His journey to the fellowship took him through churches of various persuasions, during which time he became convinced of a call to the ministry and also of a Reformed view of the Scriptures. Shaun completed his studies for the ministry at Westminster Seminary in California. He is married with 3 children.

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