Naaman, the captain of the army of the King of Aram, was a great man but had leprosy.

He heard there was a prophet in Israel who could heal him, so he came to see Elisha. However, Naaman didn’t like the way of healing that Elisha proposed.

We see the similarities between leprosy and sin - the disease of the soul that we are born with. We see how pride almost prevented Naaman from being cured - and how pride keeps millions of people from being saved from sin. The Gospel is an offence to our pride because it tells us we are helpless and hopeless sinners, richly deserving the condemnation of God and unable to contribute the smallest thing to our salvation.

We are challenged to humble ourselves, as Naaman finally did, so that we might receive God’s only way of salvation in the Lord Jesus Christ.


Greg Hodson

Greg came to Grace Church, Modesto from the UK in 1997. For many of the intervening years, he has functioned as a teaching elder in the fellowship. He is frequently involved in the teaching ministry and also leads the Internet Ministries and the Youth Ministry. Before coming to Grace Church, he was a teaching elder in a small village chapel in the UK for four years. He is married with 3 children and 3 grandchildren.

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