We have seen that there will be a transformation in the true believer, wrought by the Holy Spirit and resulting in Christlikeness of character. We go on to see what it means to be conformed to Christ’s image, seeing:

  • First, that true religions affections - the result of spiritual knowledge - will transform you into the image of Christ, will make you like Jesus.
  • And second, that as you are transformed, the characteristics He produces that stand out above the rest are those revealed in the work of redemption: humility, meekness, love, forgiveness and mercy.

Again, we are urged to examine the genuineness of our own profession of faith in the light of these things.


Shaun Bryant

Shaun has been Pastor at Grace Church in Modesto since late 1993. His journey to the fellowship took him through churches of various persuasions, during which time he became convinced of a call to the ministry and also of a Reformed view of the Scriptures. Shaun completed his studies for the ministry at Westminster Seminary in California. He is married with 3 children.

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