Following our consideration of the variable love of men towards God in this morning’s sermon, we now look at the unchanging love of God for His people from this passage. We see that it is:

  • A demonstrated love
  • A directed love
  • A gracious love
  • A costly love

Believers are encouraged to meditate on this love and stir themselves up to love God all the more. Unbelievers are urged to obey the command of God to them to repent of their sins and believe on Christ, so they may come to know for themselves this wonderful love of God.


Greg Hodson

Greg came to Grace Church, Modesto from the UK in 1997. For many of the intervening years, he has functioned as a teaching elder in the fellowship. He is frequently involved in the teaching ministry and also leads the Internet Ministries and the Youth Ministry. Before coming to Grace Church, he was a teaching elder in a small village chapel in the UK for four years. He is married with 3 children and 3 grandchildren.

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