We continue our third annual Reformation Lecture Series by comparing the teaching of Scripture on the relationship between faith and salvation with that propounded in the Council of Trent.

The Roman church at the time of the Reformation taught that justification was not by faith alone and that once obtained, it was not maintained by faith alone. In addition, because of the order of salvation taught in the Roman church, faith was little more than an intellectual assent to the teaching of the church.

In contrast, the Bible emphatically proclaims that salvation comes to the individual by faith alone - not an intellectual assent but a resting upon the truth of the Gospel for salvation. This faith justifies fully and completely. Scripture also teaches that this faith maintains the true believer in the state of justification with no possibility that this could be lost.

We are exhorted to examine the nature of our faith and to make sure that we do not have simply an intellectual assent but a saving faith that rests upon Christ and His finished work as the only ground of salvation - Christ alone, by grace alone, through faith alone!


Greg Hodson

Greg came to Grace Church, Modesto from the UK in 1997. For many of the intervening years, he has functioned as a teaching elder in the fellowship. He is frequently involved in the teaching ministry and also leads the Internet Ministries and the Youth Ministry. Before coming to Grace Church, he was a teaching elder in a small village chapel in the UK for four years. He is married with 3 children and 3 grandchildren.

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