Visiting speaker Hendrik Krabbendam takes us through Paul’s ‘servanthood’, his ‘support’ and his ‘secret’.

We consider that when Christ sent out His disciples as His Father had sent Him out, He was sending them out to die - as He did.

We can agonise in prayer with someone only when we have them in our hearts and are giving them our ‘presence’ as well as our prayers.

When we are ready and eager to die for Christ, then we can really live for Him.


Henry Krabbendam

Henry Krabbendam was born on December 19, 1935 in Rotterdam, Netherlands. He married Beth Nee Vandooren on August 20, 1960, and together they had four children. He earned his BA in ‘54 and his M.Div. in ‘59 from the Theological University in the Netherlands. From 1960 through 1969, he pastored several congregations in the Canadian Reformed and Orthodox Presbyterian Churches. During this time, he earned his Th.M. in Systematic Theology (‘62) and his Th.D. in Apologetics (‘69) from Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia.

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