Paul indicates in our text that he had learned contentment in any situation – whether he was in plenty or in want.

We consider two things from this: 

  • What contentment is, and 
  • How we can be content.

Arising from this example, we are asked the following questions: 

  • Are you content when you have an abundance? 
  • Are you content when you don’t have enough? 
  • What will it take to make you content? 

We see that the things of this world are all finite, they are all limited: they will never bring us lasting contentment. A relationship with the Lord is the only thing that will satisfy. We are urged to examine ourselves to see if we have such a relationship, and (if we do not) to come to Christ, trusting only in Him for salvation, to find true contentment that lasts.

See the evening lecture on Jeremiah Burroughs and ‘‘The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment’’ to learn more about contentment.


Shaun Bryant

Shaun has been Pastor at Grace Church in Modesto since late 1993. His journey to the fellowship took him through churches of various persuasions, during which time he became convinced of a call to the ministry and also of a Reformed view of the Scriptures. Shaun completed his studies for the ministry at Westminster Seminary in California. He is married with 3 children.

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